We provide expert professional elite services for writing and speaking English to transform your life and the life of those around you. Do not settle for second best because you deserve the best. Contact directly Prof. Darryl Macer, Ph.D. (Cantab).Email: darryl@cambridgeenglish.online我们为英语写作和口语提供专业的专业精英服务,以改变您的生活和周围人的生活。不要因为你应该得到最好的而获得第二名。直接联系Darryl Macer教授,博士。(剑桥大学)。
We have years of experience with elite tutoring services. Not only have we graduated from elite universities, and developed new education models being used around the world, also we have helped students enter famous universities and high schools around the world, from Cambridge University to Harvard University.
We are an agency of professionals for exclusive education, and not a mass marketing agency. Each program of study is tailor-made. We do provide opportunities for our students to also join live workshops around the world if they would like to develop confidence and further skills.  Some of our students also decide to join degree programs, whatever you do you need to be a good communicator to succeed in our world.
We can assist with anything, not only Oral English, English listening, reading, exams, writing and professional skills.
Please send an email with your contact details so that we can discuss your needs. We usually provide tutoring via skype, but also use other platforms. We offer in person tutoring and intensive English courses in Los Angeles, and some other locations around the world. After our initial discussion, we will provide you a quote based on your needs and the mutually agreed goals of the tutoring.
Email darryl@cambridgeenglish.online