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Examples of writing

Please download the following papers and reports written by Dr. Darryl Macer as examples of his English proficiency. They cover a range of topics.
Macer, DRJ. (2017) We Can and Must Rebuild the Bridges of Interdisciplinary Bioethics, The American Journal of Bioethics 17:9, 1-4, DOI: 10.1080/15265161.2017.13531782: 361-6.
Macer, DRJ. (2014) “Ethical conditions for transnational gestational surrogacy in Asia.” Lead Editorial in American Journal of Bioethics 14 (May 2014): 1-2.
Kuppuswamy, C, Macer, D.R.J., Serbulea, M. and Tobin, B., Is Human Reproductive Cloning Inevitable: Future Options for UN Governance (Yokohama: United Nations University - Institute of Advanced Studies, 2007).
Macer, Darryl R.J. (2003) Ethical, legal and social issues of genetically modified disease vectors in public health. UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR), Geneva, 2003.Macer, DRJ. (2002) Patent or perish? An ethical approach to patenting human genes and proteins, The Pharmacogenomics Journal 2: 361-6.
Macer, D. & Chen Ng, MA. "Changing attitudes to biotechnology in Japan", Nature Biotechnology 18 (2000), 945-7.

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